Now Offering Color Matching Shrouds for your MABRU RVSC Air Conditioner.

We get asked for color matching shrouds every day, and honestly we are very hesitant to do it. Just in case the newly painted covers get scratched during shipping. What a logistical nightmare. The only way to resolve the issue is to ship back to Arizona repaint and reship. Starting the process all over again. And since the air conditioner shroud needs to be shipped on a pallet we are looking at $500 round trip, not to mention the cost of repainting.


MABRU RVSC is still recommending you paint your MABRU RVSC shroud yourself with spray paint as many customers have done in the past. If this is not an option for you, we will gladly send your shroud off to be professionally painted. BUT, if your paint job is damaged in shipping we will apologize but we will not ship it back to Arizona, repaint, and reship.


Custom painted shrouds may increase production time but Mabru will work diligently to make sure your custom painted shroud will not delay your expected shipping date.


All professionally painted shrouds are painted with a multiple stage process to adhere the paint securely to the surface of the shroud by sanding, priming, bonding, painting, cutting, and buffing.